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New Bridges International Services, LLC is an innovative business targeting seasoned professionals.

--New Bridges wants to connect your professionalism and talents to a current workplace need as an independent contractor.

--New Bridges wants to introduce you to the keys of building unlimited financial security for your future by using your talents and skills.

--New Bridges wants to move you from being underpaid, overlooked and underutilized to being highly respected, in demand and financially appreciated.

--New Bridges will provide professional training to individuals in need of updating their skillsets and talents.


Free Lance

Definition: working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.

To all experienced and seasoned professionals looking for the perfect opportunity to highlight:

        1. Above average skillsets!

        2. Expert outcome measures.

        3. Great communication

        4. Demonstrated professionalism

        5. Consistent ratings of high achievements



Our goal is to connect people and companies to: high levels of excellence, the power of humanitarian influence.


Administrative Assistant




Data Entry Specialist

HR Specialist






Wellness Professionals

Life Coaches

Prayer Leaders



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