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New Bridges International Services, LLC is an innovative business targeting seasoned professionals.

--New Bridges wants to connect your professionalism and talents to a current workplace need as an independent contractor.

--New Bridges wants to introduce you to the keys of building unlimited financial security for your future by using your talents and skills.

--New Bridges wants to move you from being underpaid, overlooked and underutilized to being highly respected, in demand and financially appreciated.

--New Bridges will provide professional training to individuals in need of updating their skillsets and talents.

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Authored Books

Ministry to Ministers: A Call to Prayer

Ministry to Ministers: A Call to Prayer arms you with Holy Spirit–empowered prayer points to lift up the leaders in life pastors, teachers, worship leaders, and missionaries.
As you declare God’s Word daily, you will discover you are changing destinies, comforting the brokenhearted, breaking down hindrances, and rocking the atmosphere!
Your faith will grow stronger, and y
ou will be enriched as you read and pray through this anointed guide.

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